China Controls Half The Worlds Production Of Lithium

Stock At Lowest Level In 3 years - China Tariffs Looms Large


Lithium is the Gold of the future . Batteries will run the world . China production of Lithium could be used in the economic war between the great economic powers. China could cut off Rare Earths and Lithium , skyrocketing prices.

Demand for Lithium outstrips supply and will continue that way for years driving prices significantly higher. Gigafactories presently are being built all over the world turbocharging green energy growth

ALB - NYSE is a safe bet in our opinion . With a 2.3 % dividend , this lithium giant is poised now for a rebound and more. China demand alone now exceeds supply.

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Shares of ALB are now trading at $63.29/share, the lowest level seen in over 3 years.

Q1 earnings for the "Big 3" lithium producers: ALB, SQM, LTHM, disappointed the market (overall), as the share price of each company has now fallen by double digits in May.

Albemarle has an aggressive growth plan to increase nameplate capacity of LCE from 65k tpa to 165-175k tpa (by the end of 2021), and then to 275-300 ktpa of LCE.

In recent years, the company has diversified its lithium sources (both brine and hard rock), and primary jurisdictions (Chile and Western Australia).

ALB also offers a dividend yield of 2.32% and is a newest member of the Dividend Aristocrats (having paid a growing dividend for 25 consecutive years).

The share price of Albemarle (ALB) has been absolutely decimated over the last 1.5 years, and is now trading at $63.29/share, which is the lowest point it has traded at over the last 3 years.  Top Miner

As it pertains to Albemarle, the company is well diversified and generates revenue across three primary product lines: lithium, bromine specialties, and catalysts.

However, in recent years due to the rapid growth experienced in electric vehicles (EVs), which for the most part are currently powered by and require lithium-ion batteries, Albemarle has taken it upon itself to prioritize much of its efforts towards growing their lithium business.

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