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Operations - Democratic Republic of Congo

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FireGold is headquartered in Toronto Canada. We provide a competitive advantage in the mining industry by creating real value through sustainability. We are committed to a strong, sustainable future for local communities. We say what we do and we do what we say.

Firegold Company Ltd. is a corporation with a focus squarely targeted on the mining industry for the purpose of participating in the production of precious metals. The Company’s Business Plan is to identify strategic opportunities in mining companies and/or projects that are at the advanced exploration stage and especially those on the brink of a production decision.

The Plan also outlines the participation in the equity of these ventures through various legal models, such as; joint ventures; co-ventures; direct shareholdings; partnerships; secured lending relationships along with other possible financial commitments or arrangements. The Company’s expertise lies in securing and providing the necessary working capital in conjunction with the business acumen and support in order to empower the targeted company and its management to achieve its operational goals.



The Board of directors and Management Team have a wealth of experience with respect to the exploration and development of mining projects in Africa and in particular the DRC.

They provide strategic direction to ensure long term growth. Find out more about our management team, including their background and experience.




Katanga DRC

The DRC is Africa’s top copper producer and the world’s largest source of cobalt .We own more than 50 Square Kilometers in the Katanga DRC copper belt which includes some of the highest grade copper deposits in the world. Our concessions sit on a straight line between some of the richest in High-grade copper ore fields in the world; Tenke Fungurume(one of Africa’s largest copper mines) and Boss Mining.

The Katanga and Copperbelt provinces are awash in minerals. Katanga produces 580,000 metric tons of copper per year and about 60,000 metric tons of cobalt per year .The Katanga Province in southern DRC is host to one of the richest Copper-Cobalt belts in the world. The mineralized Katanga Belt extends from across Zambia through the southern DRC, and eastern Angola as a 250km x 70km wide (minimum) structural high-grade mineralized belt. Our concessions are in the heart of this Copper-Cobalt belts.

Historically, Belgian geologists mapped the Kabolela deposit to occur along a geological boundary. The historical Belgian map also includes the Mukondo copper mine (operated by Camec) and the Tenke Fungurume Mine (operated by Tenke Mining Corp.) to the NW, within the same package of rocks. These are two of the richest deposits in the Katana Province. The deposits in our concessions are similar to these two deposits based on geology, stratigraphy, mineralogy and mineralization.

Tenke Fungurume ‘Production of copper cathode commenced in the first quarter of 2009. Phase 1 name-plate capacity was 115,000 ton/year of copper cathode and 8,000 ton/year of cobalt in hydroxide form. However, debottlenecking, plant upgrades and an increased mining fleet has allowed production to increase to the production of 130,000 ton/year copper cathode and some 10,000 ton/year cobalt hydroxide.

Based on the occurrence of artisanal workings, neighbouring mines and deposits, and the location of the concession within the known extents of the Katanga Belt, our concessions have the potential to host a mineralized deposit similar in nature to Tenke Fungurume, the Boss Mining Kabolela Deposit and other Katanga belt copper deposits.



Maniema , DRC

Maniema is a key regional town of the DRC. Firegold has completed an acquisition of a 75% share in the Gold Project in the Maniema Province, in the city of Punia, near Kindu. Our concessions are accessible by road through Kisangani and Bukavu ,by flight via Kinshasa, Kisangani, and Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We have the advantage logistics gateway to Uganda and, to key international ports such as Mombasa in Kenya, and Dar-Es-Salam in Tanzania

With the exception of informal artisanal activity there are no current or historical formal mine
workings, tailings ponds or waste dumps located on the Firegold Mining Property

The permits and approvals required to conduct the work at Firegold Mining property are specified in the DRC Mining Code. Such permits and approvals have been obtained. Firegold Mining has acquired through four exploitation permits (PE), the exclusive mining rights provided by DRC government. These exploitation permits give Firegold Mining exclusive rights to carry out exploration, development, construction and exploitation works for a period of 30 years, renewable.

649 square kilometers define firegold property in the Maniema region with a proven Mineral reserve of Gold, Diamond and Coltan (columbite–tantalite)
Our Concessions are located in a region that also hosts Twangiza project from Banro Corp., Vector Resources LTD., Kibali project of Rangold Resources, Ashanti Gold and others. 

The Mineral Resource base is considered to be well known. An estimated $28 billion worth of gold lies under the soil in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. MAP



Montana USA


The location of the Tamarack Gold Property is approximately four (4) miles northeast of the town of Sheridan, Montana located in the low rolling foothills of the Tobacco Root Mountains. The Tamarack Gold Property has been explored since the 1860’s with intermittent small scale production starting in 1875 to current times.

Firegold has a 49% working interest in the Tamarack, lode gold bearing, Property with a financial commitment to fund
the property upgrading capabilities from 60 tpd (tons per day) up to 300 tpd .


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