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Chinas Nuclear Option  - Rare Earth Metals Surge
  Occidental Pete Buys Anadarko - Icahn And Buffett Winners   
CNBC - Next Supercomputer - Fastest Machine Alive
REIT - 6.5% Yield - Global Self Storage
Tesla Switches To Permanent Magnet Motors Driving Rare Earth Dynamics
Elliot Wave Marijuana ETF Buy Buy Buy 
Chinas Electric Vehicle Bust - Bloomberg
Cramer's Golden Cross  Stocks - CNBC Video
Med Device On Fire PBIO Doubles  
Good Life Networks - TRADING BREAKOUT Hits 52 Week High 
 Disney Soars 40% - Strong Buy
 Bloomberg On EV Bust  - Far Resources
Buffett Adds To  Delta Air - Up And Away
Warren Buffett $10 Bill 8% Loan To OXY - Raymond James

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