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These shares are in a positive uptrend and we expect a move above $1.00 to fill the December gap .

DFFN is cutting-edge biotechnology company developing new treatments for life-threatening medical conditions by improving the body’s ability to bring oxygen to the areas where it’s needed most

Diffusion’s lead drug, Trans Sodium Crocinate (TSC), was originally developed in conjunction with the Office of Naval Research, which was seeking a way to treat hemorrhagic shock caused by massive blood loss on the battlefield. 

Evolutions in research have led to Diffusion’s focus today: Fueling Life by taking on some of medicine’s most intractable and difficult-to-treat diseases, including stroke, GBM brain cancer, pancreatic cancer, and brain metastases. In each of these diseases, hypoxia – when essential tissue in your body is deprived of oxygen – has proved to be a significant obstacle for medical providers and the target for TSC’s novel mechanism.

Diffusion Pharmaceuiticals gained in the market on Wednesday after the FDA approved a clinical trial that takes place in the ambulance.

With a decent balance sheet, the company has enough money on hand to make it through more than a year of operations.

Diffusion said that data from the study of its TSC molecule could be available in under two years.

The market for this treatment has incredible potential.

While risks are always present when investing, I believe that Diffusion Pharmaceuticals represents a potential opportunity for growth.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018, Diffusion Pharmaceuticals (DFFN) closed the session up 13.21% in the market after the company announced that the FDA has approved an innovative clinical trial design. Instead of taking place in the clinic, the trial will take place in ambulances in cities, suburbs and rural areas.

The treatment, the TSC molecule, is being developed as a potential therapeutic to treat acute stroke, a market that comes with massive potential.

On the same note, the company's financial stability is relatively strong and will likely take it through more than a year, through which time, multiple catalysts are likely.

Although there are always risks to consider when making any investment, I believe that the potential rewards far outweigh the risks in this scenario.

Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Gets The Green Light On TSC In-Ambulance Studies

Diffusion Pharmaceuticals has received the green light from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to move forward with a unique clinical trial. The PHAST-TSC (Pre-Hospital Ambulance Stroke Trial-TSC) has been approved by the FDA to begin enrolling patients.

During the Phase 2 clinical trial, the company will assess its lead candidate, trans sodium concentrate (TSC) for the treatment of acute stroke. Interestingly, this Phase 2 trial will not be taking place in the clinic. Because the treatment is expected to be most effective when delivered to the patients as quickly as possible, the trial will take place in the ambulance that picks participating patients up when they experience a stroke. This is nothing like any other trial design seen in the pa

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