Stock Advances 60%


These shares advanced over 60 % on Oct 2 2018. Short covering will propel these shares much higher .

MagneGas Corporation (MNGA) owns a patented process that converts various renewables and liquid wastes into MagneGas® fuels. These fuels can be used as an alternative to natural gas or for metal cutting.

The Company's testing has shown that its metal cutting fuel “MagneGas2
®” is faster, cleaner and more productive than other alternatives on the market.

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MagneGas Implements Corporate Rebranding

Reflects Emphasis on Emerging Technology Applications for European Market Expansion

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MagneGas Corporation ("MagneGas" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: MNGA), a leading clean technology company in the renewable resources and environmental solutions industries, announced today the Company was formally renamed MagneGas Applied Technology Solutions on September 25, 2018.  The purpose of this rebranding was to better align MagneGas’ corporate identity with its broadened commercial approach that reflects the three commercial applications rooted in the Company’s patented submerged plasma arc technology.  The Company currently has three applications in various stages of commercialization: synthetic gas for metal cutting industrial uses, sterilization of agricultural waste, and an emerging waste to energy application.

The Company initiated this rebranding in conjunction with its accelerating marketing efforts in Europe.  The Company is in various stages of grant applications in Europe for government-backed, non-dilutive funding programs that apply to all three commercial applications of its patented submerged plasma arc technology.  MagneGas is also actively expanding its engineering and research capabilities through partnerships and membership in key industrial consortiums in Europe, and would like its corporate brand to fully reflect this development.

“MagneGas was formed for the express purpose of delivering innovative solutions to impact the quality of life of a vast portion of the global population,” commented Ermanno Santilli, Chief Executive Officer of MagneGas.  “Our technology was born out of a dream to take common wastes, sterilize them for the improvement of the environment, and extract commercial value through sensible waste-to-energy solutions.” 

Santilli continued, “Today, we now stand on the edge of strong commercialized opportunities, backed by government funding, in partnership with some of the leading research and applied science institutions in Europe.  Our rebranding intends to bring science and solutions to the forefront of our brand, because that is what is driving our long-term growth in the U.S., Europe and globally in the future.”


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