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This company is on the cutting edge of Green Technologies bringing alternative energy to crowded cities by utilizing rooftop spaces . These shares have recently advanced more than 30% .

During a recent CEO interview it was revealed that a dividend was being discussed by the board of directors and that they may soon vote on its issuance , date of issuance , and type of security involved .

The company's business model is taking shape and several projects are now moving forward. We feel that these shares merit your immediate attention . Serious investors must place them on their BUY LIST










Recent Article

Green Stream Holdings Inc. (OTC PINK: GSFI), is focused on solar energy expansion and is providing access to solar and renewable energy to energy consumers. 

GSFI is a rare ground floor opportunity in a sector that is taking off.

Solar Energy Expansion

The Company is concurrently operating in multiple markets and prepared for conducting business in several industry-friendly countries, states, and regions including California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Colorado, Hawaii, and Canada. 

Green Stream Finance, Inc., is a provider of community solar solutions to underrepresented and growing market segments to homeowners, landowners, commercial building owners in the United States. Community Solar is a collection of solar panels in a publicly shared space that generates electricity from the sun. 

These panels are placed near homes and neighborhoods where they can provide maximum benefit to people who usually can’t use solar power. However, most solar developments deliver that renewable energy exclusively to people in the immediate area who have bought into the program.  Green Stream works with property owners to develop Community Solar by providing financing and teaming with experts in installing and managing such solar facilities. The Company has partnered with selective world-class designers and manufacturers of solar power solutions such as the famed architect Anthony Morali and Renewable Energy Development LLC (“RED”), a leading expert in solar infrastructure design.

Renewable Energy Development

GSFI endeavors to make a move to solar energy simple for their customers by managing and executing the process with sales, installation, and managing teams.

Their key advantage is that they don’t sell solar panels; they sell energy solutions to their clients and oversee the permits, management matters, and installation process.  

GSFI works with contractors who design, procure, permit, install, and interconnect a suitable solar energy solution to the utility grid, simplifying Community Solar installation. They provide a comprehensive quality warranty on each fully operational system.  

Although they have engaged third-party manufacturers for production and distribution logistics and provide services to the home building and roofing industries, they remain the party who communicates with the customers throughout their energy solutions. 

The Company’s strategy to increase sales will offer fundamentally unique solar power products, including solar greenhouses designed by RED, and to introduce a highly customizable and personalized approach to after-sales customer service through a unique type of contractual relationship with its customers. 

Green Stream Holdings expects to receive substantial revenues through electricity sales directly to the New York market’s building owners. Referral agreements with the local community members will be essential to enter this market, particularly in New York, where the Company will develop marketing partnerships with major roofing companies to fuel client acquisition and increase sales. The Company exclusively targets commercial solar leasing and construction, a market space that provides significant and longer-term cash-producing assets. 

Purchase Power Agreements and Lease Agreements and Solar Energy Expansion

Solar Energy Expansion

The Company realizes that it should distinguish itself not solely through its unique products but also a personalized and convenient contractual relationship with its customers.  

Accordingly, GSFI believes that the revenues in key regions will be derived directly from Purchase Power Agreements (PPAs) or simple leasing agreements. Ultimately, PPA is a financial arrangement in which a third-party developer, such as the Company, owns, operates, and maintains the photovoltaic (PV) system. A host customer agrees to site the system on its property and purchases its electric output from the solar services provider for a predetermined period.

This financial arrangement allows the host customer to receive stable and low-cost electricity. Simultaneously, the solar services provider or another party acquires valuable economic benefits, such as tax credits and income generated from electricity sales.  By the terms of the PPAs, the Company acts as the developer, designer, and administrator of the project, dealing with permits, finances, managing the solar system, and installation and maintenance.  

A customer, or “Host,” will pay a rate for such services, which is typically lower than the local utility’s retail rate. This lower electricity price significantly offsets the customer’s purchase of electricity from the host’s grid during the PPA length.  

Solar Greenhouses A critical component of the Company’s mission is the Company’s next-generation solar greenhouses.

Solar Energy Expansion! Solar Greenhouses

The greenhouse designs are the brainchild of world-renowned architect Mr. Antony Morali, with whom the Company has engaged through a joint venture and profit-sharing agreement. Mr. Morali also serves as the lead designer of the Company’s current and planned solar greenhouse construction projects.

RED, a leading expert in solar infrastructure design, is engaged in several large solar project constructions within the New York metropolitan area. 

To date, they announced the first-ever construction of a solar greenhouse incorporating proprietary greenhouse technology that uses customized red greenhouse glass and seamless solar panels. Such greenhouses comprise an innovative and aesthetically pleasing solar power system that is expected to increase space use compared with conventional greenhouses significantly.

Solar Energy Expansion! red greenhouse glass

The red greenhouse glass removes the green light and increases the ratio from red to blue light, which significantly increases plant growth compared to current solar greenhouse constructions. Comprised entirely of solar panels, with the walls of the structure itself made of solar glass, these innovative greenhouses will be installed on top of warehouses or other buildings. 

GSFI is currently targeting high-growth solar market segments for its advanced solar greenhouse and advanced solar battery products.  

The Company targets multiple high revenue verticals within the expanding solar energy markets, including but not limited to the rapidly increasing community solar space. For instance, in New York City, where building owners pay some of the highest electricity prices, the Company plans to rent from 50,000 to 100,000 square feet of rooftop space in the near future to install its solar power solution providing the option of renewable solar power to local customers. 

GSFI is a fully reporting company filing a FORM 10-K  on August 19, 2020. Green Stream is well-positioned to become a significant player in the solar space with its innovative solar product offerings and industry partnerships. 

On July 23, 2020, Green Stream Holdings Inc. announced that it has recently entered into MOU’s in New York. In line with GSFI’s business model, Morali Architects will design alongside construct and install or retrofitting various solar structures (rooftops, canopies, parking structures, and more) at the designated locations by GSFI.

The systems produce energy from the sun, and GSFI owns the contracts with the ability to sell the power generated to the surrounding communities. 

Madeline Cammarata, CEO states. “The opportunity in New York is unique in that NY communities offer cash upfront and above-average rates, nationally. We anticipate the projects targeted in New York and surrounding states will generate an average of $265k per year, per project over the 25-year contracts we can secure.” 

Imlay 160 Project

One of the Company’s new deals, the “Imlay 160 Project”, is with Red Hook 160 LLC, a privately‐owned residential developer, and owner of residential apartment buildings in New York City, owns 160 Imlay Street, Brooklyn, New York 11231.

Also, On July 1, 2020, GSFI announced it had secured two new Community Solar Project agreements (the “Agreement”) with CubeSmart Self Storage of Hackensack, NJ (“CubeSmart”). The new locations are anticipated to produce an additional $6.6 million in revenues, that’s in addition to the previously announced $3.9 million totaling $9.9 million for the entire project over 25 years.

Madeline Cammarata, CEO comments, “In the last few years, rooftop gardening has been growing exponentially. The opportunity and necessity to grow crops on rooftops and inside tall buildings allows for efficient use of the limited space found in cities, and we have the infrastructure in place to begin cultivating these structures alongside and even within a select group of our current projects.”

Cammarata adds, “We are dedicated to becoming a major player in this critical space. Through our innovative solar product offerings and industry partnerships, Green Stream is well-positioned to become a significant player in the solar space.”


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