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Las Vegas Opens - Network Activated


This Security Alert Company  has all the right stuff and it is only a matter of time before the investing public takes notice. This company has a three pronged approach . First expanding its footprint utilizing its Omni Veil APP and short range antennae network into Las Vegas, a city of over 600,000 and the state of over 3 million people. Second, expanding its nursing home division offering SAM - Security Alerts - Covid for both in house residents and their close family members. Third , providing retail merchants with a close proximity media solution,, sending messages about sales, coupons, and pricing to cell phones within 300 feet of the store.

Management expects revenues to increase gradually as Las Vegas opens its doors to the public.  BETA Testing of the network has begun.
We expect revenues to increase in the coming months and urge serious investors to place these shares on their BUY LIST

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iSIGN Media’s Safety Alert Messaging (“SAM”) Software Solution Enables Retirement Homes

May 4, 2020

Las Vegas, NV - May 4, 2020 -- Hi-Tek Media and Omni Veil Inc. in conjunction with iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. (TSX-V: ISD) (OTC: ISDSF), are pleased to announce plans to use the Omni Veil network, powered solely by iSIGN technology and hardware, to message social distancing reminders to the City of Las Vegas as COVID-19 restrictions are eased.

On March 23rd iSIGN announced their SAM cloud-based system was being offered at no charge for a six- month period commencing April 1.  While targeting the roughly 20,000 senior homes in Canada, this offer is also available to hospitals, businesses and local, provincial federal governments.  The purpose of this offer is to allow for instantaneous alerts of updates, emergencies, and general messages as required or requested by the system administrator.

This offer of no-charge SAM for six months was extended to Hi-Tek Media (“Hi-Tek”), our reseller located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Hi-Tek has been promoting the no-charge SAM offer through the media and to their various contacts.  They are prepared to use their Omni Veil Network (powered solely by iSIGN technology and hardware), consisting of vehicular and stationary sites to remind the general public of social distancing requirements across the city of Las Vegas and its surrounding areas.

Additionally, Hi-Tek will be promoting SAM to all of the ‘open for business’ locations, including retail stores, restaurants, and casinos as the perfect tool to remind customers and employees of social distancing reminders.  Other examples of SAM’s potential use includes reservation status updates for restaurants and maximum shopper notices for retail stores in addition to emergency messaging.  Additionally, SAM will be promoted to other organizations including schools, entertainment spaces, government offices, and other public places for Coronavirus/Covid-19 and other messages.

Through Hi-Tek’s partnership with a major emergency vehicle towing company, Hi-Tek has created the world’s first vehicular and brick and mortar emergency messaging and advertising network.  The Omni Veil Network (powered by iSIGN), operating in Las Vegas and surrounding areas is capable of interacting with millions of mobile devices, delivering roadside alerts as well as personal safety and advertising messages.

For a comparison of the Omni Veil Network vs other methods please visit the Newsroom page on our website, at

  In Canada, iSIGN has partnered with Corbiz Strategies (“Corbiz”) to introduce SAM to their contacts at thousands of seniors’ homes and long-term care facilities across the country.  Corbiz has arranged for a number of on-going conversations and presentations to home administrators to date, with more to be scheduled.

Currently, Corbiz is finalizing the registrations for eleven seniors’ facilities in Western Canada, involving 4,400 seniors and family members.  Registration is currently underway for a few dozen homes in Ontario, Alberta, and soon in British Columbia. While there is no obligation for a home to continue with the use of SAM beyond the six-month free use, iSIGN is confident that many locations will contract for the use of SAM once the no-charge period ends.  iSIGN’s fee per registrant will be in the range of $36-$48 per annum.

Seniors’ homes and long-term care facility homes in Canada have proven to be the most at-risk during this Coronavirus/Covid-19 emergency.  Over half of the fatalities from Coronavirus/Covid-19 in Canada have been residents in retirement and nursing homes. iSIGN’s desired goal from the no-charge SAM offer is to provide a solution to the most urgent problem affecting all seniors and nursing homes - a tool that allows for instantaneous communications to residents, their families, and staff members that is simple and easy to use. Additionally, this can be expanded to all local first responders and emergency medical responders as required ensuring the fastest possible response.

Examples of messages to residents and staff members include social distancing requirements, reminders for regular handwashing as well as directives concerning the wearing of masks, locations where protective equipment can be picked up, and prescription information.  Family members would be able to receive notices regarding their loved ones, announcements regarding changes in-home access hours, and other relevant information.

  For the home, the advantage of using SAM is that communications with family members and residents can be performed quickly and efficiently, reducing the time spent on communications from hours to minutes.

SAM is a cloud-based technology capable of delivering messaging to mobile devices as well as to tablets and computers via any combination of email; directly to the lock screen of cell phones; and SMS messaging.  The entire registration process is approximately one-two minutes per registrant.  Registration, performed by each site or individual, is done without any requirement for face to face contact and involves the following simple steps:

·         Record the registrant’s name through either the SAM app or the SAM website portal.

·         Enter all of the contact addresses (cell number, email address with other social media to come) and indicate the preferred means of communication,

·         Upon submission of the information, a verification code would be forwarded to the person being registered.

·         Confirmation of the verification code by the registrant is forwarded to the site administrator, which completes the entire process.   The registrant is now capable of receiving communications from the site by any combination of SMS, email, or directly to the notification screen of your mobile device.  Multiple messaging methods guarantee fail-proof delivery of messages.

The applications for SAM extend beyond the Coronavirus/Covid-19 situation and seniors’ homes, long-term care, and nursing facilities.  SAM is capable of being used by all manner of businesses and organizations including schools, sports stadiums, entertainment facilities and hundreds of thousands Lyft and UBER taxi services, as a mobile and stationary advertising and emergency alert network.  It is the Company’s belief that iSIGN’s SAM is set to become the world’s largest vehicle-based safety alert and advertising network.

The additional data and insights resulting from each network would be priceless and invaluable to all parties.

About iSIGN Media

iSIGN, a Canadian company based in Toronto (Richmond Hill), Ontario is a data-focused, software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that is a pioneering leader in the areas of location-based security alert messaging and proximity marketing utilizing Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity in complete privacy. Creators of the Smart suite of products, a patented interactive proximity marketing technology, iSIGN enables the delivery of messages to mobile devices in proximity, with real-time reporting and analytics on a variety of metrics. 2019 winner of Richmond Hill’s Innovator of the Year award. Partners include IBM, Keyser Retail Solutions, Baylor University, Verizon Wireless, TELUS, Mtrex Network Solutions, and AOpen America Inc.

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