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In Q3, Global Self Storage outperformed the industry by several dimensions of analysis.

Moreover, Q3 operational results represent just the next data point in what is becoming an extended sequential history of superior quarterly outcomes.

Further in-depth investigation reveals the attributes of significant value and growth that are presently not being recognized by the market.

Persistently Outperforming the Industry

The information of the below table was taken directly from the most recent Corporate Presentation (November 26th) of Global Self Storage (NASDAQ:SELF) and is accessible here. Therein are contained SELF's Q3 same-store operational results, alongside those of Public Storage (NYSE:PSA), Extra Space Storage (NYSE:EXR), Cube Smart (NYSE:CUBE), Life Storage (NYSE:LSI), and National Storage Affiliates (NYSE:NSA).

During Q3, SELF's same-store revenue growth was 1.7 x the industry average and its NOI growth was 2.44x the industry average, while it maintained end-of-quarter occupancy at 1.3% above the industry average.

Indeed, outperforming the industry quarter after quarter is becoming quite routine for the company. For example, see the articles: "Global Self Storage Logs Exceptional Growth During Q2" (August 17, 2018) and "Splendid Growth Rates Reported by Global Self Storage" (August 22, 2017). Each of these presents similar tables that depict industry-leading operational performance. By doing some simple research, the interested reader can further derive industry preeminent comparative outcomes for each and every recent interim quarter. On that basis alone, the market must be impressed with both the company's underlying strategy, as well as management's competence in implementing that strategy. From Seeking Alpha - David Brown CFA


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