SYMBOL PRICE  % Float Shorted   Days To Cover Report  20 Day MA  
HGEN $0.15 20% 3 Report $00.16
LCID $10. 23% 8 Report $12.30
AFRM $13 20% 4 Report $15.72
CELH $105 20% 10 Report $92.75 BREAKOUT
BEAM $44  23% 15 Report $44.93
UPST $18 35%  4 Report $20.10
CHPT $12 22%  4 Report $12.68
VOYA $63 20% 16 Report $66.02


Out of 8 stocks listed above one company CELH has had a significant BREAKOUT - The 7 others are near breaking above their 20 Day MA and should be watched carefully

Shares where a significant short position exists many times have a significant upside volatility factor. We have identified several companies where we feel an opportunity may exist for a significant rise in price . There may be legitimate reasoning behind the short sellers rationale. Risk exists and your position should be hedged with options or stop loss orders if available

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NASDAQ Short Interest- Market Beat Short Interest - Short Squeeze - Bar Chart

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