Gold's True Value Held Back By Market Abuse

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Naked Short Sellers combined with lack of regulatory enforcement to holding shorter the sellers feet to the fire is temporarily holding back any advance in the price of gold . Inflation is really 7% not 2%. The real inflation number purposely buried.

Health care, education and other daily living costs are skyrocketing says Keiser. Purchasing power by the average consumer is going down not up. The worlds depreciating asset values combined with financial terrorism by the banking community is keeping the Fed from raising rates . The squeeze is on. Depreciating asset values, negative interest rates, currency devaluations and an artificial race to the bottom in yields will force the investor to turn to Gold as a hedge. 

Central Banks can print money , issue bonds in support of their depreciating asset base . BUT its too bad Central Bankers cant print GOLD

Gold is at the beginning of a 10 year secular uptrend . Serious Investors must immediately add gold to their BUY LIST

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