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About Us

Based in New York City, Stonebridge Media One  maintains a database of over 150 million Opt-In E-Mails in the United States, Canada and Europe. ( List statistics on request )

We have been in business for over 20 years .On staff consists of several highly experienced PR-Marketing , and Web professionals.

We provide public companies with the distribution of their recent and future press releases, as well as research reports and fact sheets, through our Press Release Marketing Awareness Programs.  

Our main function is to maximize your company's visibility and increase your shareholder base.

We are totally SEC compliant with our database and DO NOT SPAM

By virtue of our extensive database, Stonebridge is able to reach a vast audience and bring increased visibility to publicly-traded companies.

We work with companies on the TSX and Frankfurt Exchange, as well, have been retained by those trading on the NYSE-ASE, NASDAQ, Bulletin Board, and the Pink Sheets.

Many major PR - IR Professionals use our services for their distribution . Our Top Stocks

Our invstor database in the United States, Canada and Europe is far-reaching, particularly in the UK and Germany, and as you seek more visibility and volume in your company, our specific expertise in the opt-in email format may assist you to facilitate that goal.

During the past few years, our programs have assisted companies similar to yours to broaden their investor base and increase their visibility, which has in numerous cases resulted in additional stockholders, a higher stock price and increased volume.


About StoneBridgeMediaOne.com : 

  is a leading publisher of todays market and investment news, commentary, proprietary research and videos from seasoned journalists, analysts and contributors covering the financial markets and global economies. Leveraging our extensive distribution network and social media presence, we have cultivated a valuable audience of engaged market enthusiasts, which in turn delivers a variety of unique opportunities for industry partnerships, corporate communications, market exposure and investment. We may have purchased or been given shares in any and all companies that we display and distribute information for . All materials, articles, news items  are reviewed by company management to check accuracy of information , before publication and distribution .